Thursday, November 12, 2020

President Trump and His Enablers of the Unfounded Accusations of Massive Voter Fraud

As expected from his pre-election unfounded accusations of a rigged election, President Trump has made outlandish accusations of massive voter fraud. President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris have won a decisive victory with over 5 Million votes in their favor, and an Electoral College lead projected at 306, well above the 270 required for winning. Even Fox News has declared President-Elect Biden the winner. Trump is not delusional or just a sore loser, but Trump is sly as a fox and an opportunist. Trump is knowingly lying to the American Voter, including his core supporters, of massive voter fraud. Trump wants to trample on the rights of the American voter and get named as the winner of the 2020 Election, by "hook or crook." Trump is from the school of the "ends justify the means." It does not matter whether he wins a fair election, he just wants to win at all costs and retain power.

Trump is using whatever powers he has as a sitting President to usurp our democratic election process. He is firing qualified people in government posts and replacing them with Trump loyalists who are political hacks. President-Elect Biden is being denied important government information, including national security briefings. The Government Services Administration is wrongfully withholding necessary funding and property from the Biden Transition Team. Trump is advancing his agenda by bullying and intimidating Government officials and elected representatives, especially the Republican Members of Congress. Only 4 Republican Congressional leaders have recognized Biden as President-Elect. All of these politicians and Trump appointed government officials are "enablers" in Trump's undemocratic and illegal attempt to seize power and to shred the pillars of our democracy.

With the help of unethical and mercenary attorneys, Trump is abusing the legal system and our Courts by mounting a "scorched earth" litigation campaign to try to discard hundreds of thousands of legal votes. Attorneys are officers of the Court and are subject to ethical standards, including abstaining from commencing and continuing frivolous litigation. See No Self-Respecting Lawyer Should Touch Trump’s Election-Fraud Claims -- The president may not have to worry about keeping a job after January 20, 2021, but the attorneys doing his bidding at the moment certainly do, Atlantic Monthly, Nov. 11, 2020. This unethical conduct by "enabler" law firms such as Porter Wright extends to each and every Partner in the firm and all Associates involved in the frivolous litigation, and is grounds for attorney ethics complaints to the state Bar Associations. By: Louis Posner

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