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ARCHIVES: In order to Preserve Our Democracy, We Believe Florida's Electors Should be Challenged, 1/1/2001

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Article by: Louis Posner,, Monday 01 Jan 2001
Summary: In order to preserve our Democracy, we believe Florida's Electors should be challenged in 2001.
Article: On January 6 at 1 pm, Congress will meet in Joint Session to count the Electoral College votes.
Electors have been challenged twice in our history - 1877 and 1969.

In order to preserve our Democracy, we believe Florida\'s Electors should be challenged in 2001. We may not win, but we believe it is essential to make the effort for the following reasons:

1. A massive political crime was committed - the Presidency of the United States was stolen. For the sake of history, the record needs to show that members of Congress were willing to stand up and denounce the crime.

2. We also need the record to show that a lot of Members of Congress - perhaps even a majority - were willing to allow the Presidency to be stolen. In 2 years, we can use this vote against these Members.

3. We need to turn the Democratic Congressional minority into a fighting opposition party. If they fight this historic and just battle, they will find it infinitely easier to fight all of the battles to come - starting with the nomination of John Ashcroft, and eventually all of the substantive battles on the issues we care about.

It only takes 1 Senator and 1 Representative to file a challenge. After that, the Senate and House must debate the challenge for 2 hours and then vote. have lined up several Representatives who are willing to file the challenge. They expect to have a Senator by Tuesday. have organized all of the information - including a letter to Congress - at the

Voter March is making an urgent appeal to all of our supporters to visit the site and show support for this important project!

Thanks so much for your help!!!

Louis Posner, Esq.


5/19: FIVE THOUSAND PROTEST Bogus-President BUSH In DC, 34 posts by 17 authors in alt.politics.democrats.d

5/20/01, VOTERMARCH.ORG, VOTER MARCH TO RESTORE DEMOCRACY and VOTER RIGHTS, Saturday, May 19 2001 http://VOTERMARCH.ORG/May19/May19rr.html

Five thousand who believe democracy is worth the struggle rallied and marched from Lafayette Park, facing the White House, to the West Capitol steps in Washington on Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 19, 2001.

The Voter Rights March to Restore Democracy - East Coast sponsored by and co-sponsored by over 50 different pro-democracy groups, gathered activists from as far as Connecticut, Florida, Illinois and of course, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware.

Organized by Louis Posner, a New York attorney and leader of the group of volunteers, Voter Rights March produced the successful Anti-Inauguration Rally, and, via an internet call, created this Rally and its West coast twin that contemporaneously took place in San Francisco.

Led by an American flag, the March--peppered by protest banners ranging from the satirical through the clever to almost reverent statements of Democracy--moved past the Justice Dept. and the Supreme Court on its way to the West Capitol steps.

At the Court it was met by the Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania contingent. It had bussed in to first protest against the five who had sullied the Court by ignoring the law and the will of the voters and by appointing the Governor of Texas to sit in the White House.

Forming a round rosy single-file picket line in front of the Court building, the 50 Southeast Pennsylvanians chanted and raised their banners until they were met by and joined the March on its way to the Capitol.

Posner led off the speakers at the Capitol. Hundreds of tourists who had come just to visit the building stood and listened to electrifying statements of the meaning of Democracy.

Frequently applauding the speakers they heard what our "public servants" who we elected and pay to occupy the Building are failing to do.

Other well known progressive leaders speaking included Robert Borosage, Washington labor movement veteran and Co-founder of the Campaign for America's Future; Ted Glick, National Coordinator of the Independent Progressive Politics Network; Ronnie Dugger, Founder of the Alliance for Democracy, Michael Rectenwald, Founder and Chair of Citizens for Legitimate Government;. Phil Berg, the attorney who filed the Florida class action to overturn the Presidential Election, and the Rev. Sekou, on behalf of the Democracy Summer Coalition (NAACP, IPS, IPPN, Coalition on Black Civic Participation, Global Exchange, etc.)

Tears were brought to the eyes of many participants with the appearance of a group of WW2 veterans. Ranging in age from 76 to 92 they came from as far as Texarkanna, Texas to remind us, on this Armed Forces Day, that 14 million young Americans had fought, and many died, to protect what the Supreme Court, the amoral Florida and Texas twin governors and the Republican Party are destroying.

The day was just a day. But it was a rejuvenating and inspiring day:

* A day in which we promised to refer to the occupant in the White House by his only legitimate elected title, "Governor"

* A day in which we promised to continue the struggle for progressive causes.

* And a day in which we promised to work to elect a President of the United States at the end of this four- year hiatus.

---=Hal Rosenthal

The next action comes in the voting booth, beginning 2002.

Then comes 2004, when the boil on the butt of DEMOCRACY is finally excised and sent back to Texas.

If he isn't impeached before then .