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ARCHIVES: In order to Preserve Our Democracy, We Believe Florida's Electors Should be Challenged, 1/1/2001

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Article by: Louis Posner,, Monday 01 Jan 2001
Summary: In order to preserve our Democracy, we believe Florida's Electors should be challenged in 2001.
Article: On January 6 at 1 pm, Congress will meet in Joint Session to count the Electoral College votes.
Electors have been challenged twice in our history - 1877 and 1969.

In order to preserve our Democracy, we believe Florida\'s Electors should be challenged in 2001. We may not win, but we believe it is essential to make the effort for the following reasons:

1. A massive political crime was committed - the Presidency of the United States was stolen. For the sake of history, the record needs to show that members of Congress were willing to stand up and denounce the crime.

2. We also need the record to show that a lot of Members of Congress - perhaps even a majority - were willing to allow the Presidency to be stolen. In 2 years, we can use this vote against these Members.

3. We need to turn the Democratic Congressional minority into a fighting opposition party. If they fight this historic and just battle, they will find it infinitely easier to fight all of the battles to come - starting with the nomination of John Ashcroft, and eventually all of the substantive battles on the issues we care about.

It only takes 1 Senator and 1 Representative to file a challenge. After that, the Senate and House must debate the challenge for 2 hours and then vote. have lined up several Representatives who are willing to file the challenge. They expect to have a Senator by Tuesday. have organized all of the information - including a letter to Congress - at the

Voter March is making an urgent appeal to all of our supporters to visit the site and show support for this important project!

Thanks so much for your help!!!

Louis Posner, Esq.

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