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ARCHIVES: Performers At J20 Rally (January 20, 2001, Washington, DC - Dupont Circle)

Performers At J20 Rally (January 20, 2001, Washington, DC - Dupont Circle):

1. Luci Murphy
Renowned vocal artist, who sings and teaches in the Washington area, and internationally on behalf of universal human rights. She believes, "if you can talk, you can sing."

2. Rande Harris
Wonderful activist/singer: He can be heard on the CD "The Secret of Sharing - Randolph Harris and Pete Seeger" recorded in 1998.

3. Les Souci
Activist, Speaker Coordinator for Voter March Rally: editor's pick, top 10 Internet Underground Artist ( ) has several internet music sites.Souci (sioux-si'), (Director: For Justice, speaker/organizer at "We The People" Rally

4. Joel Landy
Voter March Organization Coordinator, activist/singer has his own Award Winning Cable TV Show.

5. Sharon Abreu
Sharon Abreu and Stammers Rameau met in Greenwich Village. Their energetic "new roots" music blends elements of folk, blues, and early rock in original tunes and novel adaptations of their favorite songs. Sharon & Stammers recently performed in concert with Pete Seeger.

6. Judy Klass

Has written a number of parody songs about the election, has been featured on Joel Landy's Internet TV Show.

7. Julia Rose
An alternative acoustic artist, began performing on Baltimore's streets. She has since performed at prestigious venues including Blues Alley in DC and CBGB's Gallery in New York.

8. Zehm Aloim
From Phoenix Arizona, wrote a very on-topic song "Lady Freedom" expressly about the fraud of this election and has been performing it live.

9. Heather Lev
Activist/singer-songwriter. Wonderful unifying anthems.

10. Jenny Hurwitz
Voter March Performers Coordinator: "I can be referred to as the Chairwoman of the National Just Another Jew for Pat Buchanan Committee"

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