Sunday, October 17, 2010

ARCHIVES: J20 VoterMarch Rally Speakers

J20 VoterMarch Rally Speakers (January 20, 2001, Washington, DC, Dupont Circle)
1. Mike Malloy,
Our Emcee, Talk show host, Atlanta, syndicated 
audio of speech
2. Patricia Ireland.
NOW President

3. Elaine Van Der Linden,
S. Carolina: Founder,,
S. Carolina Organizer, : speaker/organizer at "We The People" Rally)

4. Lou Posner, Esq.
Chairman, NYC & Washington, DC
Trust The People activist/organizer

5. Arthur Buonamia
FLA,  Democratic Executive Committee of Miami-Dade County

6. Zak Exley

7. Granny D,
N.H. :  Captured the nation's heart as she marched across the US for Campaign Finance Reform

picture of Granny D, also see

8. Deidre E. Newton
Palm Beach Activist, District Supervisor , Soil & Water Conservation

9. Ronny Dugger
Alliance For Democracy) spoke & led group from our rally  to US Supreme Court Shadow Inauguration.Les
(see below for written text and audio of Dugger's speech)

10.  Michael Collins
Georgia, Director, One Citizen One Vote   GA Organizer, United Progressive Athens & Athens Free Press Founding Member)

11.   Cathy Danielson
TN, Director of Nashville Insanity
investigating Vote Fraud in Tennessee)

12.   Phil Berg
PA, Attorney former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania and political activist,
has filed Class Action Lawsuit to overturn FLA Election)

13.   Lucy Herschel
NY, Voter Rights Activist,  Campaign to End the Death Penalty

14  Bob Rogers
Vice chairman,  Chief Marshall, March Details

15.  David Lytel
NY,, ,
collected 3,000 complaints of disenfranchisement affidavits in Palm Beach!)
- text of David Lytel's Speech

16. Asa R. Gordon,
Executive Director,  Douglas Institute Think Tank, 
filed a civil action (Dec. 29th, 2000) that challenges the constitutionality of Florida's Presidential electors

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