Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Delivers Indictment to Goldman Sachs and Police Arrest 16 Peaceful Protesters

Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Plaza on Nov. 3, 2011.
Unedited, live film of march from Liberty Square to Goldman Sachs headquarters at 200 West Street in Manhattan.
Professor Cornel West joins the protesters from Liberty Square.
The protesters were chanting "banks got bailed out and we got sold out."
The crowd then read the Indictment against Goldman Sachs for looting billions of dollars from the American people:
"Goldman Sachs is found by the People's Hearing on November 3, 2011 to be guilty of felony crimes of violating the securities laws, perjury before a Senate Commission, looting of $78 billion dollars of taxpayer money, and caused irreparable financial harm and deep distress to millions of American People.
At the People's Hearing, Goldman Sachs must return the $78 billion they took from the American taxpayers.
Its senior officials, including its CEO Lloyd Blankfein who it elected, must receive prison time for fraud and burglary.
The Senior Executive of Goldman Sachs must be barred forever from the world of investment banking.
Goldman Sachs must also be prohibited and barred from commodities speculation, from fraudulent manipulation of financial markets, from lying to investors and financial regulators, and must be barred from using its company funds to manipulate the political process for lobbying to influence legislation.
We the People, since no governmental authority from the judiciary to the Congress, is willing to seek justice will march today to the doors of Goldman Sachs, and as part of our verdict, demand the immediate return of the $78 billion dollars that was looted without consent from the U.S. Treasury.
And once this money is turned over to us, we will, we will, we will, return it to the American people."
A crowd of about 16 people, including the Reverend Billy Talen and author Chris Hedges, then sat down in front of the entrance to the Goldman Sachs headquarters under threat of arrest.

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