Saturday, December 18, 2010

ARCHIVES: Press Release on Voter March Grassroots Group, April 15, 2001

Louis Posner, Esq.   
New York Headquarters

Bob Rogers             Wash DC Metro
Anne Keith  Media – East Coast


The Internet’s Fastest Growing Grassroots Group 
New York, NY-- Voter March, a grassroots group formed in the response to the debacle of the 2000 election has logged over one million hits to its Website (  Part of the growing Pro-Democracy movement, Voter March has built an online community of activist members. There are more than 60 state and local chapters of Voter March, many of which are several hundred strong.  Membership in Voter March email lists and egroups is currently over 10,000 individuals, with more people joining every day.  Linked to thousands of websites throughout the Internet, Voter March is the fastest-growing grassroots group in the country.

Voter March is the organization that staged the very successful Inaugural Day Voter March in DC’s Dupont Circle on January 20 of this year and is the organizer of the Voter Rights March to Restore Democracy planned for May 19, 2001 in Washington D.C. and San Francisco. Information about both events can be found at the Voter March website, and for the West Coast at

An Internet-based advocacy group founded in November of 2000, Voter March is not funded or controlled by any other organization. Voter March organizers are all volunteers, donating their time and skills to the cause.  The Voter March platform calls for critically needed voting and electoral reforms.  The chairman and founder is Louis Posner, a New York City attorney listed in "Who's Who in America."  Robert Rogers of Virginia, a retired aviation test pilot, is Vice Chairman and a founding member.

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